Mar-Met Meteorological Consultant

Chartered Meteorologist with over 25 years
experience in the fields of marine meteorology
forensic studies and expert witness testimony.

About Mar-Met

Mike Webb is a Chartered Meteorologist and has been involved in the installation of manual and automatic weather stations onshore and offshore, including current meters, wave buoys and tide gauges.He has forecast for aviation, onshore and offshore clients and is well placed to understand the strengths and weakness of a wide variety of data.


Since 1982 he has produced wind and wave analyses,( tidal predictions )and Metocean design criteria for locations ranging from the UK Continental Shelf and the Mediterranean, through the Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean and South China Sea to Java and Tierra del Fuego.

He has also performed routeing studies, forensic meteorology studies and expert witness testimony, having appeared at arbitration, the High Court in London and the Court of Session in Edinburgh.


Mike holds data bases of marine observations covering illustrated areas from 1970 up to the present and the ‘hindcast’ output of program NWW3 for most of the world since 1997 suitable for a wide variety of applications.